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Personal Development

How to become a better version of yourself

2. Adopt positive habits

Developing just a single positive habit can work like a chain reaction.

When you stop a bad habit, you need to replace it immediately with something better. For example, developing the habit of making a to-do list sets the tone for a more organised day.

I would like to add that one great habit to cultivate is Reading. Read a book often.

Books provide you with knowledge and open your mind to different perspectives on things. Its best to read books from different niches, that way you do not limit yourself. Reading a book will change what you know.

3. Take on new challenges

Expose yourself to new things. You can take on the challenge to learn a new language.

No matter how little they may seem, the more you say yes to opportunities, the better you become.

Irrespective of how inadequate you may feel, take it. A little bit of Nervousness mixed with excitement is a good place to start. Don’t let imposter syndrome get the better of you.

4. Take proper care of your health

At the end of the day, you can only be useful to yourself and others around you, when you are alive and healthy.

Take good care of your body. Eat healthy, rest and sleep.

I hear this story of how great men did not get to where they were by sleeping, true, there may be times when we have to sacrifice some sleep to be able to achieve some certain things but let it not be a constant. Our bodies were made to rest.

Adequate sleep is beneficial for the body to function properly.

5. Set goals

Set goals daily, monthly and yearly with steps on how you would be able to reach those goals and work towards achieving them. You achieve that which you have conceived and manifested.

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