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10 Things You Only Understand If You’re A Science Major

Every study discipline has its own internal culture that each pupil will come to measure, breathe and contribute to. For art majors, it’s never knowing how you’ll be graded on an assignment because everything is subjective. For business majors, it’s all about being busy and hearing the word “network” more times than you’ll bear. For a Science major, whether it’s chemistry, biology, physics or biomedical sciences, the culture goes a touch like this…

1. There’s no such thing as an “Easy A” class.

It just doesn’t happen. There are some classes that are easier relative to, say, Organic Chemistry 3, but that’s not a very good indicator of how easy a class is. Basically, every semester is a world class marathon.

2. You always point out all the inaccuracies of Grey’s Anatomy, CSI and House.

It’s actually really satisfying to watch something on TV with others and say “that’s so wrong, it’s actually like THIS.” Then you go into a long explanation about what would actually occur and how no one in medicine actually does that.

3. Life feels like survivor: you watch everyone switch majors or fail a class…and you wonder if you’re next.

This is definitely one of those fields where EVERY class is a “weed-out” class. Those that remain are the bravest souls in existence.

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