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10 Things You Only Understand If You’re A Science Major

4. Every class is so steeply curved you forgot what a normal grading scale is.

I was a science major for three years before I made the switch to Marketing, but the difference in grading was like night and day. You learn to live in a world where an “average” grade for an exam is a 50%.

5. Every lab class you take brings you closer to becoming a mad scientist.

Admit it, every time there’s a Bunsen burner, beaker and burette involved, you pretend you’re an evil mastermind that’s deadset on world domination.

6. Your parents are already calling you “Doctor” or “Scientist.”

And every time they introduce you to a family member or friend, suddenly there’s a PhD or MD after your name. After smiling awkwardly and exchanging pleasantries you bury the feelings of painful incompetence.

7. You feel like you can explain EVERYTHING.

Science is fascinating. Seeing the natural world play out, and being able to explain its processes through what you have learned in the classroom is extremely satisfying. And witnessing weird science? The greatest.

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